Courtyard in Fuencaliente

Garden with swings in Fuencaliente

The Patio of Casa Patricia Guaña is a perfect outdoor space to relax and enjoy nature. This beautiful patio has swings for fun and a bench to enjoy your favorite books outside.

One of the strong points of this patio is the Mulberry planted by my father Juan Muñoz in 1964. This beautiful tree offers a cool and pleasant shade to read or simply relax while enjoying the views of nature. In addition, the Morera produces white berries with a sweet and delicious flavor.

fuencaliente swing house

If you are looking for a quiet place to rest, this patio is the perfect place for you. With its swings, bench and mulberry tree, this is a unique and welcoming space that will help you disconnect from the fast pace of modern life. Do not hesitate to visit Casa Patricia Guaña and experience for yourself the charm of this patio. It will be an experience you will not forget!

garden patio rural house fuencaliente

The terrace of Casa Patricia Guaña in Fuencaliente, Ciudad Real, is an ideal place to enjoy the good weather. With a large area of ​​20 m2, it has a large and comfortable space to place tables and chairs and enjoy a meal outdoors. In addition, for sports lovers, it has a basket to play basketball. The views from the terrace are impressive, allowing you to enjoy the nature that surrounds you in all its splendor. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the terrace of Casa Patricia Guaña!